Move More - Sleek Logo Animation

One of our clients while working with the Student Recreation Center at UC Riverside was asking to create short, 3 minute work-out pieces for employees to get a quick workout just from being at their desk. We shot and edited the series of projects relatively quickly, yet we wanted to bring new liveliness to the project rather than a quick and simple shoot. I opted to create a quick logo animation for their project once I received their Adobe Illustrator file that depicted the active content we were producing. Here's how we animated a quick, sleek logo for More More.

I asked for an Adobe Illustrator file in order to have the logo with each individual asset as a standalone layer, this way I can take the layers, extract it from Illustrator, and import each layer into After Effects. Now I'll be able to control every individual layer and animate it on its own. Once I took the file into After Effects, I renamed each of the layers that were meant to be together and organized them together for easier animating. What I mean by this is that in the logo the word "FOR" has 3 layers, one for each letter, so I grouped those layers together in order to make sense of all the layers imported into After Effects.

At this point, I had creative control on how to animate this logo. The idea was to create a sense of motion due to the logo's design, so I opted to have the arrows move in the direction that they were pointing. Sometimes the best way to animate a logo is to work backward from the finished design. For instance, when animating the key-frames for the arrows I made a key-frame a second into the animation as the end point, then worked backward around 500 units backward so it would start off frame. The arrow would then travel from off frame to it's final location, and in order to replicate this for all 4 of the arrows I just copy and pasted the Position key-frames into the arrows, counted 10-15 frames apart, and staggered the animation so each arrow starts after the other. The reasoning behind having a 500 unit distance to travel for each arrow was to make sure each arrow travels the same distance in the same time, that way each arrow travels in a uniform speed.

The next part of the logo was to create a mask that follows the last arrow in order to reveal the "Move More" portion of the logo. This was an easy task where I just needed to follow an arrow shaped mask right behind the last blue arrow that was paired to the "Move More" portion. The mask was set to "Add", meaning anything from within the mask would be added (revealed) inside the mask. Once the mask was created, I moved onto animating the "For 3 to 4" portion of the logo. The same general idea was made with staggering and animating the words and numbers right after the other, where I worked backwards to make it easier for animation. The only main difference was animating it to travel up and down rather from left to right.

Once the animation had been made, I applied motion blur to all assets in order to simulate motion blur that's natural to one's eye. Fast moving objects tend to blur on camera, so having the fast moving arrows and text have motion blur creates a more pleasing look to the eye.

After that, we delivered the final video with their logo animation at the beginning and had a more-than-happy client! The animation only took an hour to plan, animate and deliver, and we couldn't be more happy with the animation.