La Chingona: Kristin Ysabel Cercado Pt. 2

Instead of featuring the director of A Mi Manera this we week we will continuing once again with the writer Kiristin Ysabel Cercado with a short, but informative, follow from last weeks Q&A.

•What did you, if anything, find the most difficult to portray in writing A Mi Manera? Having to portray a dimensional batch of characters in a short amount of time was the most difficult part. If I'm being honest, I could've done more, but for the sake of time I had to make a lot of sacrifices. It can be a struggle trying to properly fit these big characters in a short script. I wanted, like most writers, each character to have distinct personalities and traits. That can get muddled in the writing process. On top of that, I wanted to make sure subplots were being weaved in correctly (like Aria's mother being deported.) There's all these contributing factors that I had to be aware of and make sure at the end of the day, a solid story was being told. •What do you hope the viewers of this film will take away from A Mi Manera?

I want viewers to simply appreciate life. It's hard sometimes, for all of us. Even when we're scared shitless about the outcome. I also want audiences to become more aware of the political climate in our country. Although, this story wasn't meant to be all about deportation/separation of family members, it was a window of opportunity for myself to express a bit of that reality in Aria's story. It's an important subject that we must recognize. In the end, I only want viewers to enjoy it.

Once again it was a great pleasure working with Kristin, one we cannot wait to repeat. With this we draw our coverage on the ladies of La Chingona to a close but be sure to keep a look out for public debut of A Mi Manera and any other incredible work that is to come these amazingly talented women.