La Chingona: Kristin Ysabel Cercado

Continuing last weeks series on the women of La Chingona, we will today be focusing on the writer of A Mi ManeraI, the incredibly talented Kristin Ysabel Cercado.

•A Mi Manera deals with its subject matter in way that adds a new perspective to a very real situation. Where did the inspiration for this come from? How did the seriousness of the subject impact its production?

The inspiration from this kind of hit me out of nowhere, to be honest. I love to indulge in dark subject matters with a dose of humor because it’s something I can deeply relate to. I think many others can find that as well. I’ve always been keen on the idea of exploring something I fear most. Death is sort of a taboo subject at times. It can get uncomfortable, making it a great theme to unfold in a short like this. I think the overall seriousness of this subject impacted in an interesting way. We see it in the actors developing these characters on screen and the discussions we had behind the scenes were probably the most important.

•One of the biggest draws of Mi Manera is its Latin theme. How important was this sort of representation during the creation of this production?

My decision to make these characters Latino was definitely planned. As a woman of color, I’m aware of the lack of representation we have screen. I wanted to see more genres and themes like this that represent who we are, but also touch upon some other subjects such as immigration. It was a nice way for me to weave in some politics along with my culture without it being too overwhelming as a drama.

•As La Chingona's first production what precedent do you hope this sets for the future? Anything coming up soon worth noting?

As for La Chingona’s future, I hope this shows that with a lot of work and creativity, we can all get together to make dope things. I’m unsure of what Candice (the creator) has up her sleeves, but I wish them nothing but the best.

Kristin's work on A Mi Manera is nothing short inspirational and incredible. It was a great privilege to bring one her writings to life and give it a spotlight it deserves. If the opportunity to work on one of her pieces should ever appear again you can be sure Victoriam Media will be first in line. Next week we will be focusing on the last, but very sure not the least, of the women at La Chingona. The extraordinary director herself, Gloria Olivas! -ASP