2120 Archery - Facilities Video Breakdown

It's always been a goal of ours to work with creators and business owners who are just as passionate as we are. As luck would have it one of our earliest clients fit such criteria. Vince Amaya, one of the owners and operators of 2120 Archery in La Verne, California, was as eager to work with us as we were to work with him. For those don't know what exactly what arrow-tag the best way is to describe it is as an amalgam of dodgeball, archery, and airsoft into one high action and adrenaline pumping activity.

Before we even started filming we made sure to meet with Vince on multiple occasions to ensure the message we would create was the one he wanted made. From the very beginning Vinces main focus was both the fun and excitement of arrow-tag, but more importantly the safety of all those who would participate in the experience. During the film process we were able to get a second hand experience of both attentiveness shown by those employed by Vince as well the excitement that manifested from those who came to participate. All ages from young children at the age of entering middle school to adults who were seeking that next adrenaline rush were having the time of their lives.

With all the footage in hand we went to the editing bay. Before reaching a final product we kept Vince up to date, treating him as if he was a member of our own team. We made sure that before the final cut was given to him that it met every one of our standards and met the correct vision that Vince had set out for us. We provided Vince a detailed facilities video, a set of promotional photos, and a series of social media videos fit for Instagram and Facebook.

Working with Vince and the team at 2120 Archery was a wonderful experience for both parties. We had a blast being able to dive right into the action of the games to capture the moments of adrenaline rushing fun.

Check out the video we created for 2120 Archery, and be sure to follow them with the social media links provided below! If this is a type of project you'd like Victoriam Media to create for your business, feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.

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