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Brother's Provisions

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Victoriam Media is a video production team creating cinematic content for businesses and artists alike. With a background in filmmaking and social media marketing, Victoriam Media strives to produce content that is not only exquisite but also appeals to your audience for the best social media engagement possible. 

Recent Projects



4K Ultra HD Video

4K Ultra HD recording allows for ultra sharp, clean, and dynamic footage ready to be edited and processed for timely delivery, ensuring the highest quality content.

  • 4K Ultra-High Definition Video

  • HDR Video Processing per request

  • Slow Motion 4k

  • Ultra Slow Motion 1080p

  • Timelapse Recording


Client Gallery

Social Media and Marketing Plan

Having a high quality video is only the first step in making sure your audience sees your finished product. We provide complementary social media marketing plans tailored to your business in order to maximize ​its success. 

  • Tailor-made social media plans

  • Long-form content edited specifically for social media

4K UHD Drone & Aerial Video

Drone and aerial footage delivers new perspectives and a competitive edge to your business.

  • 4K Ultra-High Definition Video

  • Stabilized raw footage

  • Live preview of footage for you to view

"The Football Craft Clothing is a clothing brand based in Orlando, Florida. Our clothing is based on all things football!"

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